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Shopping Cart — Redefined.

PayCafe understands that your shopping cart is critial to your business; it should make it easy for you to sell online, improve conversions, while eliminating fraud.

Maximize Conversation

Our Shopping Cart is Fully Customizable

The checkout can be fully and easily customized to suit your needs. We offer some predefined templates.

Custom CSS editor

The checkout can be fully and easily customized to suit your needs. We offer some predefined templates, or if you’re advanced, use our CSS editor to make the custom changes you need.

Responsive design

We’re constantly testing and developing the checkout. We measure and evaluate, implement improvements in real time, ensuring optimal conversion on all devices and browsers.

Fully and easily customized templates

Abandoned Cart Saver

Abandoned shopping carts are one of the top conversion and sales killers. The PayCafe shopping cart is will send compelling, automated emails to abandoned shoppers after a specified number of hours, allowing you to direct customers back to your online store and recover potentially lost sales.

Additional Payment Options

Don’t loose sales becuase your customer wants to pay by a different method.

Accept PayPal Instantly

PayPal is a trusted payments provider online and has been proven to increase your online sales conversions. Let PayCafe help manage your PayPal payments. Simply sign-in and add your own account to start accepting PayPal payments.

Additional Payment Options

Give your customer payment options by taking advantage of the PayCafe Shopping Cart. Accept Bitcoin (Coming soon), e-Check, and other payment options that fit your business needs.

Security and Fraud Protection

Online shopping cart security is more important than ever. We have integrated our security systems, as well as 3rd party systems to create a robust security and fraud protection system.

PCI-DSS compliance

We understand that your customers trust you to protect their sensative information, so we adhere to strict PCI guidelines to provide a secure and private shopping cart.

Reduce chargeback

The better your shopping cart can spot fraud, the less chargebacks you will recieve. Our fraud protection systems have been proven to help reduce chargebacks, whichs improves your revenue.

Multi-Factor Order Verification

Fraudsters are constantly finding ways to commit online fraud. We have a multi-factor verification process that virtually illimates the ability fraud; some you will see, and some is behind the scenes.

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